Team Offsites at Linger : A Better Connect

We just got this review – made our day 🙂

Great place for off-sites

16 of us were at Linger for 5 days for a team offsite – and it was a brilliant experience.

The setting is beautiful, natural – complete with fireflies and the chorus of the jungle insects.

The place is simple & basic – so do not go in expecting luxury.
The food was amazing, and the service was fantastic – we were served tea, coffee, lemon tea based on our preferences that the staff remembered on-time, just when we needed it (without even asking)!

Thanks, team Udhyam Learning Foundation. We loved it that you loved it!

We’ve hosted small teams every now and then, and it’s quite a nice feeling to see colleagues bond, become friends, and do things together. We believe the fact that we’re not insular, formal “resorts” helps in this process a lot. Also, most teams end up taking the whole space for themselves, and make it home for 3-4 days – that helps too.

If you’re planning to spend some quality time with your team – brainstorming, or celebrating something, or getting to know everyone better – come over. We aren’t about conference rooms and poolside dinners etc – but we’re about a deeper connect, uninterrupted thought and bonding.

At most places we can host about 20-25 people quite easily. The campsites, the farm at Chettimani, Chiguru, Varshini Estate at Sakleshpur, Balur Estate at Chikmagalur and The Earth House at Palampur are particularly well suited for this – with many common spaces, hikes, and undisturbed environs.

Plan a 3-5 day time out with the team for a reboot. We’ll help all the way.

Reservations : or call +91-959-005-0001 or WhatsApp : +91-854-806-5772