Testimonials : They Loved Linger!

Three Wooded Acres : Amazing stay with nature during the monsoons

Decided to stay in three-wooded-acres during monsoon season of 2018. The property is basically surrounded by estates and one gets a beautiful experience of staying in a forest (Reason#1). Night stay during monsoons is something thats unique about this place (Reason#2). Rooms are spacious with all necessary amenities especially the twin rooms are perfect for a family of 4 (Reason#3). The walkway along the estate is well made and takes one around the place with beautiful views. Home made authentic Coorg food is Reason#4 to stay here. Speaking of the caretaker – is one more Reason#5 to stay here – makes us feel right at home with whatever help you need made available. For photographers and nature lovers one can find so many new species of insect life in here along with beautiful views of Galibeedu hills if one treks around the area (Reason#6).

Will definitely be there during next monsoon for few days to reset myself ๐Ÿ™‚ .. Thanks to the host, caretaker and Linger for making my stay a memorable one.

The Linger Farm, Chettimani : The bliss of coffee picking!

I was back in Linger at Chettimani after more than a year,and every time I am there I discover something new to cherish. This time around it was trying my hand at plucking coffee and how I loved it! The new resident pet’s 2 cute puppies can keep you busy all day if you let them ๐Ÿ™‚ Chikus were plucked and brought home and they were the yummiest! Food as usual was delicious. The Bhagandeshwara Temple and Triveni Sangam at Bhagamandala in the evening were serene and picturesque. And yet again, I promised to myself to be back in the monsoon when the whole area gets apparently submerged! The other highlight of the trip was the early morning walk by the Cauvery flowing nearby. Some parts of the trail look so pristine that it is a reminder about why we travel at all. And in the midst of all this activity, there were some quiet moments spent reading outside the cottage when the most exquisite pair of scarlet minivets dropped by ๐Ÿ™‚

The Earth House, Palampur : A unique getaway that offered us some sun soaking

First of all, away from the crowds, no noise, no horns, no deadlines, and no CONCRETE. The difference that one realises between artificial Nylon and pure Cotton fabric, it’s the same things when you stay in one of these earthen cottages. Not only are these buildings thermally insulated, but also provide for the much-required grounding. I was happy to sleep on the raised hard floor bed. They have used everything natural from bamboos to hay and mud for plastering. Stone roofs and completely off-grid living, it’s like being back in nature. 

If this would appeal to you, wait for the cherry on the pie. The staff, Udham Singh Ji, Jaswant ji and Pandit ji would really go out of their way to look after you. Pandit ji is the in-house cook and would always come up with a smile to offer a surprisingly delicious plate of pakoras. The staff is humble and very welcoming. 

The cottages are about 300 meters from the car parking, but I guess all good things come at a cost. We were happy enough to walk through the Meadows once a day, every day during our stay.

Highly recommended for all age groups. I guess, winter months are good to visit this place, as you can soak up a lot of sun. Just sleep in the meadows and enjoy nature in it’s truest form.

A lot of things to do around Earth House, but we preferred just simple pure relaxation. 

Thank you Rohit and team Linger to make our impromptu holiday so special.