Tough Times & Hope

Long Stays and Workations!

Check out the #Staycation and #Workation options at Linger! 

Season Passes : Help us get back up on our feet!

So, times have been tough and the lockdown’s lifting slowly after months. So far all our teams at the properties are well supported by the property owners, but cash flows have been nil and it is getting tough. At Linger HQ, we’re facing a similar situation for some of the team.

One way you could help all of us back on our feet is by advance buying a multiple-holiday vacation which will be redeemable for a year or more. The minimum price benefit on 3 vacations will be 15-20% depending on locations, and go up all the way to 30% as you plan more.

Do reach out at and let us know where you’d like to travel once this is all over. Do make it at least 5 trips, including to the campsites, if possible, across locations. We’ll send you the details asap.

This doesn’t apply to the Workations, of course.

Seniors and Women Only Groups (3 or more people) are at a 15% off, as always!

– Team Linger

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