Workations! Go Linger AND Be Productive

I also do a little bit of Product Management on the side, and for one such assignment, had travelled along with a colleague for a couple of days of brainstorming and ideation. We did have access to decent-speed-internet so my colleague’s check-ins happened like they would on a regular day anyway!

Got me thinking that our locations would amazing for teams to head to head to for a week to ideate, collaborate, or even for creative folks to spend 4-5 days at all by themselves. There’s way fewer distractions, no commutes, you feel fresher, and can come up with some seriously new and different ideas while there.

And I was not alone – someone had thought of this independently and came over for those 5 days to Chettimani, Coorg. Thanks to JioFi, it was almost like a regular workday for her and she could collaborate with teams in Europe and Japan. And not only got a lot of good work done, ideas hashed out, but also played with the pups, spent time around the farm, and even did a morning’s trek up Kopatti and back!

So we’re opening up the idea of Workations!

We’d love for you to take a Workation. Let us know if you want to plan this for yourself, or for a small team (3-5 people max) over a whole week – and we’ll set it up for you. We usually discourage folks from staying connected and using devices at Linger, but for Workations we’ll throw in use of a Reliance JioFi device with some limited data as well 🙂

Want to go brainstorm and come back with some inspiration?

Let us know at 

Having A Great Team – our USP!

“One of the biggest perks to this place was the team of outstanding staff. The caretaker and cook led us on a 7-hour trek one day up a nearby mountain. The next day they helped set up a driver to take us to Bir-Billing for paragliding, a ride on the local toy train and to Andretta Pottery where we bought some beautiful ceramic mugs. On the last day, the caretaker even invited us to his house where his family cooked us a delicious meal.”

A guest from Palampur recently wrote that on TripAdvisor.

Another wrote this :

“A very friendly staff. Special thanks to the cook – whose name I miss. He got us fresh goat’s milk to try from the local shepherds, manage to find nimbooz in a small village and showed us around in the valley. And not to forget, made some killer paranthas for breakfast.”

And this, for the folks at Coorg, Sakleshpur and Balur:

“The caretakers here are very warm and make you feel at home and are ready to help you in any way.”

“The best part of the whole stay is the hospitality, i have never seen other place more friendly and caring as this one.”

“Hospitality: It was at its best. Our hosts – Padmanabh and Rakesh, guys take a bow. Most wonderful hosts I have ever come across.”

“But the best thing of all……..the staff. They are simply amazing and cater to all your needs with a never ending smile on their face.”

“Very courteous staff, amazing food and never heard a no for anything from the staff. This is not a place that is desperate for business, unlike most of them in coorg. The guests are made to feel at home.”

“Food preferences were asked for every day and the hospitality of the caretaking team quickly became one of the highlights of the trip.”

And so also at the campsites:

“The staff were just superb! They couldn’t have been more helpful and obliging. They plied us with delicious food, snacks, fresh juices, and fresh whole fruit.”

We could go on and on 🙂 Just wanted to acknowledge the awesome jobs our teams are doing, and validating that in India, being hospitable to guests at our homes comes naturally. We hire locally as far as possible, and the teams have a lot of freedom in deciding things on the ground, and we’re proud that each one of them is performing at levels way above what even they imagined they are capable of!