The Himalayas, Wildlife and Kerala! Linger grows

We’re now live at 3 very do-nothing, quiet locations across the country. And with this, we have our first properties in Kerala and the Himalayas now live.

Vanghat, Marchula, in the Corbett Buffer Zone

Forests all around Bridge across the Ramganga Setting

At the end of a 2 km journey on foot and a raft across the river is this seriously committed-to-forests property that respects its surroundings even while making it accessible to us. Run by a naturalist and a team that’s friendly – both with the guests as well as the forests. You’ll love the place, and learn a lot, we assure you!

Chestnut Grove, Vijaypur (Uttarakhand)


6750ft high up in a very quiet, relatively unknown part of the Himalayas is Vijaypur (or Bijepur) a small little tea town with pine and oak forests, tea estates, and old temple or two and miles of opportunity for walks, hikes and treks. Or of course, do nothing but read a book, sip on tea and enjoy the stunning views of the snow clad mountains in the distance.

The Palathra Heritage, Mararikula, Allepey (Kerala)

MainHouse MararikulamLocation 2013-12-10 07.42.49

Amidst the very green, laidback Mararikulam village is an unassuming little space where a very passionate family has resettled old, traditional houses in a backwaters setting. Illam, Eatti, Chandanam, Maavu and Plaavu – the names themselves tell a story of a different time in a context that attempts to keep up with the same even as the world around changes rapidly. The beach is a short walk/ride away, as is the pretty Vembanad lake and the famed Kerala backwaters. What a trip!

We’re adding a few more places. Keep watching the action on our Facebook page. For reservations, as always – we’re at and at +91-959-005-0001.

Linger-ing – for our Seniors : A heartfelt offer.

Last week I took my parents to see both our places – and though it was a whirlwind trip, they fell in love with the calm, relaxed environs and the feel of the place. They’ve lived up North all their lives till they moved to Bangalore recently,  but relished the Akki roti, Neer Dosa, the Jeera Kaapi and whatever else our kitchens served them. They’ve promised to be back!

Dad listening intently to Mr.Chandrashekhar explaining Vanilla pollination at Balur Estate

Got us thinking. We think in terms of young families and folks out cycling, trekking and whatever it is we do to take our minds off the daily grind. But the Seniors – who’ve slogged through times that were less certain and more challenging than what we’ve been through – would love to Linger as well.  These are beautiful places, and they have time!

So we want Seniors to Linger a bit.

All Senior Citizens get 50% off for a Mon-Fri stay right through the year (not counting long weekends, the Christmas Vacations and the like). We’ll be happy to have them over and spend some time doing nothing. We’ll even help with travel plans and arrangements. Do spread the word, and ask your dad/mom/aunt/uncle to give us a call at +91-95900-50001 or send us mail at

Doing nothing on the Saddle

One of the most amazing ways to spend pleasant, lazy mornings is pretty places is on a bicycle. It keeps the peace, its healthy and helps you breathe in the clean air, it works up an appetite and you get to see a lot more of the place, up close – especially on the smaller trails off the roads. Its also a lovely way to spend some time with your own thoughts, catch up with the local sights, sounds, people and get a good endorphin rush first up in the morning.

Linger destinations are a dream come true for bikers, and we encourage all our guests to do short rides, at least. Chettimani is in an undisturbed area with tarmac, off-roads, and then there’s the Talacauvery climb to challenge most. Balur Estate has 26 kms of jeep roads inside the estate itself – and there’s 2 lakes to find, lots of hills to climb. Both places also offer excellent routes and roads to go do long rides if thats your thing. Our places have bikes now – MTBs – and we’ll be a adding a few more.

If you plan to take your own bikes there for some serious riding, you’ll surely have a lot of fun there. Do let us know if you need to borrow a bike rack. There’s a pump there so you’re all set!

Get on that saddle and ride!