On A Mission To Replace Your Plastic Water Bottles!

It’s a given that you should be drinking lots of water a day.

Especially given air-conditioned offices, it becomes even more important to remember to drink – and have a bottle handy that’s easy to refill and keep sipping from. And from what we’ve seen, everyone uses plastic bottles! We don’t like those at all.

Why? Read this. Or take a look at this. Clearly, even recycling is NOT a solution. It has to be stopped at the source of the demand – consumption!

So we decided to do something about it. You’ve already seen we’ve been using these at our properties. They’re pretty popular too – many a guest has asked if they could take one home 🙂

Bottled Water - Linger Style
Bottled Water – Linger Style

We have now decided we’ll do the same for howmanyever offices we can do it for across Bangalore. Yes, we’ll find great looking bottles, clean them thoroughly, make them look smart (see the sticker choices below) and send them over – complimentary!

Sticker Choices:


All you need to do is to FILL the form below, and we’ll do the rest. The bottles will be delivered to your office within a few days, complimentary! Do send us a pic or two with the bottles at your desks, of course 🙂