Team Offsites at Linger : A Better Connect

We just got this review – made our day ๐Ÿ™‚

Great place for off-sites

16 of us were at Linger for 5 days for a team offsite – and it was a brilliant experience.

The setting is beautiful, natural – complete with fireflies and the chorus of the jungle insects.

The place is simple & basic – so do not go in expecting luxury.
The food was amazing, and the service was fantastic – we were served tea, coffee, lemon tea based on our preferences that the staff remembered on-time, just when we needed it (without even asking)!

Thanks, team Udhyam Learning Foundation. We loved it that you loved it!

We’ve hosted small teams every now and then, and it’s quite a nice feeling to see colleagues bond, become friends, and do things together. We believe the fact that we’re not insular, formal “resorts” helps in this process a lot. Also, most teams end up taking the whole space for themselves, and make it home for 3-4 days – that helps too.

If you’re planning to spend some quality time with your team – brainstorming, or celebrating something, or getting to know everyone better – come over. We aren’t about conference rooms and poolside dinners etc – but we’re about a deeper connect, uninterrupted thought and bonding.

At most places we can host about 20-25 people quite easily. The campsites, the farm at Chettimani, Chiguru, Varshini Estate at Sakleshpur, Balur Estate at Chikmagalur and The Earth House at Palampur are particularly well suited for this – with many common spaces, hikes, and undisturbed environs.

Plan a 3-5 day time out with the team for a reboot. We’ll help all the way.

Reservations : or call +91-959-005-0001 or WhatsApp :ย +91-854-806-5772

Workations! Go Linger AND Be Productive

I also do a little bit of Product Management on the side, and for one such assignment, had travelled along with a colleague for a couple of days of brainstorming and ideation. We did have access to decent-speed-internet so my colleague’s check-ins happened like they would on a regular day anyway!

Got me thinking that our locations would amazing for teams to head to head to for a week to ideate, collaborate, or even for creative folks to spend 4-5 days at all by themselves. There’s way fewer distractions, no commutes, you feel fresher, and can come up with some seriously new and different ideas while there.

And I was not alone – someone had thought of this independently and came over for those 5 days to Chettimani, Coorg. Thanks to JioFi, it was almost like a regular workday for her and she could collaborate with teams in Europe and Japan. And not only got a lot of good work done, ideas hashed out, but also played with the pups, spent time around the farm, and even did a morning’s trek up Kopatti and back!

So we’re opening up the idea of Workations!

We’d love for you to take a Workation. Let us know if you want to plan this for yourself, or for a small team (3-5 people max) over a whole week – and we’ll set it up for you. We usually discourage folks from staying connected and using devices at Linger, but for Workations we’ll throw in use of a Reliance JioFi device with some limited data as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to go brainstorm and come back with some inspiration?

Let us know at stay@linger.inย 

5 Must Do things on your vacation! Never miss…






Everyone’s publishing listicles to help you travel better, smarter, etc. So we thought we should to.

Here’s our list

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Seriously, stop planning so much. You’ll figure it out once there.
  3. Go with the flow. Yeah, you don’t have to do anything specific.
  4. Nope, no must-dos, must-sees, must-trys. It’s a vacation!
  5. Yes, do absolutely nothing. Sit back and relax and take it as it comes.

Hope that helped ๐Ÿ˜€

We’re always around to help you do nothing the best you can – call us at +91-959-005-0001 or mail us at

A Do Nothing Vacation is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Stress is the number one cause of many a thing that’s wrong with our lives today. Our attention spans are low. The mind doesn’t flow freely and as rarely stretches as beautifully, as wide as it can given an unfettered run. Devices and interrupts rule our lives. We sit too long. We get no sun. We don’t play in the mud, or in water. We just do not have unstructured, outdoors time.

It’s just plain terrible – for your health, for your creativity, for deep thought and for your relationships.

Recommended : A dose of do nothing!

Even a quick trip to a quiet place where the cellular networks practically don’t work, but you get the time to reconnect with everything else helps you slow down, think better, breather deep and feel a little fitter.

We recommend a 4-5 day days off at a place like this. Up in the Himalayas, or deep in the coffee hills, or just doing long, leisurely walks on the beach. We’ll even help with a session or two with a masseur (in Kerala/Gokarna), a trek or two, and lots of time around the bonfire.

Hammocks3 2013-06-12 16.50.44 LovelyViews 2014-05-22 10.34.24

Try it – and see how much of a difference it makes to how you feel. How fresh your thoughts are after such a trip. Long, do nothing vacations are very, very therapeutic.

We’re sure your doctor will agree as well!


So what is “Do Nothing”, really?

A lot of folks do a lot of stuff when they visit a Linger location. Hikes, treks, long walks, go see coir-making, spend time on the beach and in the river, even learn surfing. Some chop firewood, others go riding, ad a few have even helped out with farm activities.

So why do we go on about “do nothing”?

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Vacations, not to-do lists.

We realized a long time ago that folks were planning too much – places to see, itineraries, things to do and other details and expectations – into a vacation, and basically getting stressed!

We certainly want you to explore the place, understand and experience the livelihoods, go birding, get a sense of the forest close up, visit old temples and pick up some local history, take in the pretty sights and try the amazing food, and breathe some clean, fresh air while you get some exercise. What we do not want you to do is become slave to a list of things you come prepared with, and must then check off.

Just go with the flow, and you’ll discover so much you can keep doing around these places! At your own pace, when, and to the extent you feel like.

Disconnect, Reconnect.

Another part of “doing nothing” on a vacation is to stay away from an interrupt driven life, that both sucks up time and attention, and prevents you from lingering – over a long conversation, at a roadside spot where the views are stunning, or doing a long walk or spending uninterrupted with those you care about most.

So we strongly suggest you switch those devices off, or at least keep them in a corner someplace.

Slow down. Drop anxiety.

Most of us have learned to “spend time usefully” and while this is great for productivity, unstructured, unplanned time is a healer, and makes for wonderful vacations. So take it one step at a time – the afternoon can be planned once lunch is over ๐Ÿ™‚

It does take a half day to slow your mind and thoughts down, but once you do, it’s very rewarding, and you truly have a do-nothing time, even it’s full of treks, barbecues, visits to places around and long mornings watching the birds.