Birdwatching Weekend at Coorg

2015 Update : A guest did some excellent birding around our place at Chettimani. Click on that for a report, list of species spotted and some lovely pictures.

Its a lovely season in Coorg for birdwatching, and if you’ve always been curious about that, and want to step into their fascinating world, take a vacation the coming weekend – the 26th and 27th of Feb.

We’ve asked Adarsh Raju, a birdwatching enthusiast and a darned good amateur wildlife photographer to help introduce folks to birding. He’ll share the whats/hows of this hobby, to start with, and then follow it up with 3 sessions “out there” spotting, identifying and understanding various species found in the area (its over 200, we’ve been told!)

If you’re keen, turn up on Fri eve/Sat morning, and start back on Sun evening. The overnight bus on Fri will get you there by 6:30am or so. The return Volvo is at 11, and there’s even a Rajahamsa straight from/to Bhagamandala which gets you directly to the bus stop near Linger. For bus reservations, use this link.

The entire trip will be priced at 1750/- per person starting from coffee as you arrive on Sat morning to snacks or even an early dinner as you take the bus into Madikeri from Linger around 7pm on Sunday. All meals, use of the library, the birding activity, bonfires, unlimited tea/coffee all day, use of hammocks, use of the bikes there are included.

We can accommodate 12 people quite comfortably, and acco will be on a shared basis in the 3 cottages. We should be able to accommodate 10 people.

Do get a light jacket, a good camera and decent walking shoes/sandals along for the trip. Also be prepared to wake up early and head out to catch the early birds 🙂

Let us know right away, and shoot questions if any, at:

or call :  +91-95900-50001

Doing nothing on the Saddle

One of the most amazing ways to spend pleasant, lazy mornings is pretty places is on a bicycle. It keeps the peace, its healthy and helps you breathe in the clean air, it works up an appetite and you get to see a lot more of the place, up close – especially on the smaller trails off the roads. Its also a lovely way to spend some time with your own thoughts, catch up with the local sights, sounds, people and get a good endorphin rush first up in the morning.

Linger destinations are a dream come true for bikers, and we encourage all our guests to do short rides, at least. Chettimani is in an undisturbed area with tarmac, off-roads, and then there’s the Talacauvery climb to challenge most. Balur Estate has 26 kms of jeep roads inside the estate itself – and there’s 2 lakes to find, lots of hills to climb. Both places also offer excellent routes and roads to go do long rides if thats your thing. Our places have bikes now – MTBs – and we’ll be a adding a few more.

If you plan to take your own bikes there for some serious riding, you’ll surely have a lot of fun there. Do let us know if you need to borrow a bike rack. There’s a pump there so you’re all set!

Get on that saddle and ride!

Especially Blissful Lingering

Vacations feel that much extra fun and relaxed when you take a break midweek. For one, there’s lesser traffic. The destinations are quieter. And of course, the “hehe, they’re all in office…..” bit cannot be discounted, can it ? 🙂

In fact. we like the idea so much that weekdays are at 15% off (except those special times of the year, of course). But we don’t see enough folks make the effort and make their “leaves” count. So here’s what we decided to do :

All through Feb & March 2011

Checkin on Monday – preferably by lunchtime, Checkout on Fri, post lunch

Pay for just 2 nights! Yessir – thats a full 50% off on a 4 night/5 day stay!

Nopes, doesn’t work for 2N, or 3N.

Take the whole week off, and we’re making it special for you.

Includes everything-out-there, as usual.

So get hold of whoever-it-is you need to get your leave sanctioned, and plan a nice Linger-ing time. At either of our properties (and there’ll be a couple more ready soon).  There’s bikes, books, food, rivers, bonfores, walks, treks and lots of time for doing nothing, snoozing in a hammock and catching over chai or coffee.

Mail us at

Or give us a call right away :

Vijay: +91-98452-68678 or Sameer: +91-98451-80207 or Santosh : +91-98454-42224