Getting To Gokarna (and beach bumming!)

We went live with Linger at Bavikodla, near Gokarna, recently. A lot many folks have called in with “How do we get there?”.

So here goes:

From Bangalore

  1. There’s a train that leave later in the evening, and gets there at 1:30 in the afternoon. If you’re on a longer vacation this is a good option. More at :
    • The station’s about 6 kms from where we are.
  2. There are multiple overnight sleeper buses. They leave from Bangalore between 8 and 10pm, and have pickups at various places across town. And they get you into Gokarna early morning around 7:30am which is a perfect time to get there.
    • Autos take you to our place for about Rs.120-140/-
  3. Drive : Multiple routes, all of them scenic and its takes about 8-9 hours so start early. total of between 480-530 kms.
    • NH4 -> Bankapur -> Yellapur -> Ankola -> Gokarna Cross -> Gokarna Town
    • NH4 -> NH206 (from Tumkur, towards Shimoga) -> right turns onto NH17 at Honnavara -> Kumta -> Gokarna Cross -> Gokarna. Recently reported to have been repaved so in decent conditioned. Shortest route.
    • NH4 -> Left towards Sirsi at Haveri (many smaller roads, but scenic) -> Kumta  -> Gokarna Cross -> Gokarna

From Mumbai

  1. A whole bunch of trains, including some overnight ones, take you from Mumbai to Gokarna Cross, Kumta or Karwar.
    • Kumta – Gokarna buses are very frequent.
    • Karwar to Gokarna Cross buses are common, and fewer go into Gokarna. Autos are easily available from Gokarna Cross.
  2. A few buses take you from Mumbai upto Gokarna Cross, but its a long journey.
  3. Driving : Its a 710km drive that should take about 9-11 hrs. NH4 -> NH63 at the Hubli Dharwad Cross -> NH17 -> Gokarna Cross -> Gokarna.  The roads are good all the way.
From Panaji (Goa) :
Its fairly close from Panaji – just about 166kms. 
  1. The above mentioned trains can take you upto Gokrana Cross or Kumta. Doesn’t make sense to catch one upto Karwar since you’re still relatively far away.
  2. Lots of buses. Volvos headed towards Mangalore drop you off at Gokarna Cross.
  3. Its a pretty, easy drive. You can also stopover at the warship museum (INS Chapal) at Karwar on your way/back.
Photos of Warship Museum, Karwar
This photo of Warship Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Driving your own vehicle makes sense if you’re not just on a quick weekend break, and would be up to exploring more of the beautiful places in Uttara Kannada – Yana, the numerous waterfalls, Mirjan Fort, maybe even catch a Yakshagana performance or two.

Notes :  We’re north of the Gokarna Town/Temple/Beach – away from the usual hotspots of Om Beach, Paradise, or Kudle. Its a secluded, rural beachside with farms, and the last mile is a little tough to find – we’ll send you directions from Gokarna to our place as you start to plan your vacation. Do get in touch at or at +91-95900-50001.

[ Also, Linger locations are NOT designed as resorts. We’re about local construction, local flavours and retaining the feel of the place. You’ll experience beachside Uttara Kannada as it always has been.  ]

See you soon on the beach!