Our Valuation. And We Love It.

The startup world is going crazy. Even in the travel space. Mad growth – often with poor service and no soul, crazy valuations, and increasingly unsustainable models, pricing and discounts to drive numbers that justify this frenzy for a little longer.

Can’t deny the pressure doesn’t get to us, despite all the things we hold dear and believe in. But nope, we’re not changing all that.

So we decided to recount our blessings. And realized our valuation comes from all the trust, love shared and the true value that people see in us. Here’s a short list of some of the stuff that’s happened in the past that gives us courage to hold on to our beliefs in this sea of insanity:


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One of our regulars helped setup rooms and moved furniture with us!

Someone came back to the same place and got gifts for all the staff there.

Another made a lovely painting.

A guest made and sent us a custom-made calendar as a thank you note after the trip. That was super sweet!

A regular and now our art mentor came and painted a wall at Coorg. Plus lots of gifts.

We regularly get loads of books from folks who’ve been to our places – “for your libraries”.

We get lots and lots and lots of used wine bottles in support of our stand of not using plastic bottles for water.

A regular made a poster for us.


(The awesome capture of what Gokarna is, thanks to Maitri)

Another sends us beautiful poetry regularly.

Folks keep sharing instances of “do nothing” now getting used regularly by others, with a sense of pride about Linger!

We get ideas, connects, advice from all of our guests on a regular basis.

Our guests have been our strongest brand ambassadors, and keep telling other like minded folks they should try out a Linger vacation.

Many, many have become friends now 🙂


We feel blessed, and highly valued by those that really matter. And that is the single most important thing that keeps us going, sticking to the path we’ve picked.

Thanks, all of you. You know who you are.